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When Gráficas Santa Ponsa opened its doors, everything was very different.

Calvià was a municipality with great potential, but still to be exploited. There were no large hotels with hundreds of rooms. In their place, there were small family lodgings and businesses that began their journey with effort and a lot of vision of the future.

We were in a small rental space, which after a few years was expanded by renting the premises next door. Already in the 90s, due to lack of space, we bought a plot of land and built the building that we continue to use to this day.

We were all more inexperienced than today.

Even then, many of our customers ordered printing matters of all kind from us, which we printed using letterpress machines and the typical lead letters that Gutenberg invented in the 14th century.

Little by little, we were incorporating old offset printing machines. The age of computers had not yet arrived!

Some veteran of the printing press still remembers how the floor of the workshop was covered with stains and the air smelled of ink. A smell that has always accompanied us and to which we have become very fond.

As the municipality grew richer, the volume of work increased, and the printing press had to adapt.

We started by renovating machines and buying new ones that made our work easier and our results improved. We went little by little, because each step was an important financial effort. But we knew we had to give them. And so the workshop grew and became professional.

With the advent of digital printing, we took another giant step forward

And, thanks to it, we were able to simplify small jobs, streamline some processes, and speed up our delivery times for some jobs.

We were the first printing company in Mallorca to dare to incorporate digital printing machines (before the turn of the century)… and it was a complete success. We managed to bring together the best of both worlds: traditional offset printing and a new form of printing, digital, which is here to stay.

All these small steps have made us the most important and fastest printing company in the west of the island. Because we always wanted to be. But also because circumstances made us like this.

Request what you need to print. We make it happen.

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Trustworthy and professional work.

Gráficas Santa Ponsa does a trustworthy and professional job. We have been working with them for more than 5 years and they have given us value and experience both in the design of the corporate image and in all the printing jobs we have needed.

Carlos Granda

Carlos Granda

Carlos Granda, Owner of Lavanderías Ecológicas Mallorca.

Responsibility, efficiency, speed, professionalism…”

There are several words that define our relationship after years of working with Gráficas Santa Ponsa: responsibility, efficiency, speed, professionalism…. You always find their predisposition to carry out assignments, whatever their kind and difficulty. They provide ideas and suggestions to improve the quality of your product. In short, true professionals.

Mateo Cañellas

Mateo Cañellas

Mateo Cañellas, Owner at Abogados Cañellas Vich.

Aquest projecte està cofinançat en un 50% amb càrrec al programa Operatiu FEDER 2014-2020 de les Illes Balears.

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